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Gravesite Service Packages

We offer the following packages designed to honor your loved one. Additional services available and will be priced upon request.

All packages include the following services:

  • Grass trimming and edging around headstones or memorials

  • Hand weeding around the entire gravesite

  • Removal of debris, litter, leaves, obsolete decorations, and old plants

  • Careful pruning of bushes, small trees and shrubs

  • Light hand cleaning of the headstone or memorial

  • Placement of flowers and /or wreaths per custom decoration plan

  • Placement of personalized decorations per custom decoration plan

  • Digital photo documentation emailed or mailed to you after each visit





"The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living."
                Marcus Tulliuis Cicaro
Tribute Package:
2 yearly visits (includes a $25 individual vase floral arrangement per visit).


Memorial Package:


1 yearly visit (includes a $25 individual vase floral arrangement).

Legacy Package:
12 yearly visits or monthly service (includes a $25 individual vase floral arrangement per visit).
Devotion Package:
6 yearly visits (includes a $25 individual vase floral arrangement per visit).
Honor Package:
4 yearly visits (includes a $25 individual vase floral arrangement per visit).
Burial Package:
This is a before and after care of existing stones/markers/sites before a burial service. We will make sure the site is looking its best for the service and an additional cleaning within 2 weeks after the burial. We will also clean up any of the wilted flower arrangements.
Multiple gravesites packages purchased may be eligible for a discount based on proximity to each other.
Honoring Veterans
A complementary small American flag will be placed on the grave at each visit to services rendered for veterans.  

You simply pay the difference in price if you prefer another type of floral arrangement with your selected package. Kansas sales tax applies to all floral arrangements/decorations.

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