Why I started "In Loving Memory" Gravesite Care.

As a small girl, I remember going with my grandma to place flowers on the graves of deceased family members and friends. Many that I never had the opportunity to know, but somehow I could feel their presence. Grandma taught me how important it was to never forget those that have gone before us and to treat the gravesites with great respect.


In 2000, my beautiful mother passed away unexpectedly. My mother loved seasonal decorations and as a tribute to her I made sure her gravesite reflected that passion. I frequently noticed how many graves did not appear to be tended to. I knew in some instances that could have been because their family may have moved away, were no longer physically able to, they were overwhelmed with work or family responsibilities, or may have found it too emotionally difficult to do so. One night  I was awaked from my sleep, and the idea of a business  attending to the graves of others unfolded before me. I always felt it was a seed planted by divine inspiration. As the years went on  I soon became one of those for whom life became hectic (work and raising a family) and I was not able to tend to my mother's gravesite as regularly as I believed I should, which was heartbreaking.


In January 2017, I had the opportunity to take early retirement from my employer and I knew this was an opportunity to follow through with that seed that had been planted years ago. In Loving Memory Gravesite Care was born. I would love to have the opportunity to share in honoring your loved one's final resting place.


Jeanne Andra



Service Area


We service cemeteries in Wichita and surrounding area, within Sedgwick county. There is a $10.00 fee for services rendered outside the Wichita city limits.


We accommodate all religions, faiths, beliefs and cultures.

We adhere to all guidelines and regulations of the cemeteries we service.